Shinano Kenshi History


Shinano Kenshi’s Goals

  • Shinano Kenshi aims to be an irreplaceable, highly attractive company in the eyes of its customers at all times.
  • Shinano Kenshi aims to increase the attractiveness of the company in the eyes of employees, based on the belief that people are its real asset.
  • Shinano Kenshi aims to be a company that shapes the future through its business activities while valuing interpersonal relationships.

Employee Principles

  • Increasing trust through sincere conduct and fair judgment
  • Our customers’ happiness and your own happiness are one and the same. Take the initiative to think and act.
  • Sharpening our skills, growing on the world stage
  • Take prompt action in anticipation of change
  • Clinching victory with tenacity, while remembering to look at things from a company-wide perspective and promote teamwork at all times

Working worldwide

Group corporation

Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.

Culver City, USA
Shinano Kenshi Corporation

Eschborn, Germany
Shinano Kenshi Europe GmbH

Bangkok, Thailand
Shinano Kenshi Trading Co., Ltd.

Bangalore, India
Shinano ABV Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Hong Kong
Shinano Kenshi (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan, China (Guangdong Province)
Dongguan Shinano Motor Co.,Ltd.

Hefei, China (Anhui Province)
Hefei Shinano Motor Co.,Ltd.

Guanajuato, Mexico
Shinano Kenshi, S.A. de C.V.