September 2019
A new future starts now


From September, Shinano Kenshi will migrate our
corporate brand to ASPINA and strive for even
greater contributions on a global scale.

By utilizing our technical ability and
problem-solving ability accumulated over many
years, we will give form to the hope and comfort of
people throughout the world in fields such as
industrial machinery, home appliances, household
equipment, automobiles, medicine, and social


The name ASPINA was formed by placing the letter “A” on both sides of the word “SPIN.” The word SPIN refers to the silk spinning which was the original business of Shinano Kenshi, as well as the spinning of motors. The letter A refers to a brand that weaves Class A products together with customers.
ASPINA also refers to the word “Aspire,” sending the message for “eagerness, desire, fervent wish, aim, and intention.”

Engineered to Inspire

ASPINA contains the concept of using technology (=Engineered) to achieve results which will influence the future of the world (=Inspire). This message conveys how we work to realize new innovation and improvements together with our partners.