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Precision Motors, Actuators and Modules

As a specialist manufacturer of electrical motors, Shinano Kenshi continually meets the ever-diverse s needs of its customers by supplying high-quality precision motors for electrical and electronic home appliances (air-conditioners and water heaters) and office automation equipment (copiers and printers), as well as for devices and systems that contribute to the saving of energy and resources, and noise reduction.
Backed by its fully integrated production setup that extends from developmental design to manufacturing and assembly processes, Shinano Kenshi is in an excellent position to propose system component solutions for a wide range of systems, from driving and control through mechanism design. In our thorough pursuit of R&D, we are focused on "high efficiency," "downsizing and slimming-down" and "low noise and vibration." This enables us to develop solutions of advanced functional sophistication on a global scale ? those solutions that could enhance environmental compatibility and comfort of use.

【Our Strength】

  • High quality and reliability are characteristics recognized by the automobile industry. (delivered to major automobile manufacturers in Japan and overseas)
  • HEV and EV battery-cooling motors have achieved top market shares (as of August 2011).
  • R&D capabilities are focused on enhancing performance in terms of safety, environment and fuel efficiency, and comfort.
  • The "Plexmotion™" standard motors respond to the need for small-lot, wide-variety production and short delivery times.

On-vehicle motors

On-vehicle motors


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  • Industrial Solutions

    With its "PLEXLOGGER™" brand products designed for enhanced motion visualization and operational efficiency, Shinano Kenshi proposes solutions to cater to a wide range of industrial needs for customers engaged in manufacturing (R&D, production, and quality assurance) and transport.
    Shinano Kenshi applies its image analysis technology, nurtured through years of optical disc drive manufacturing, and promotes the development, manufacture, and sale of industrial solution products to meet diverse customer needs in a wide range of industrial system fields.

    【Our Strength】

    • The "PLEXLOGGER™" visual data logger is capable of synchronous recording of high-speed visual data and waveforms, and of motion analysis.
    • The "PLEXLOGGER™ Thermo" temperature distribution analyzer is capable of synchronous recording of thermographic data and waveforms, and of overlap analysis.


    PLEXLOGGER™ Thermo

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    Assistive Technology Products

    Shinano Kenshi develops and manufactures assistive technology products to ensure people suffering from visual, literacy, or hearing impairments lead a self-reliant life and actively participate in society. Especially regarding DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) standards, we make our PLEXTALK® brand digital talking book players available to the visually impaired, transliteration volunteers, book writers and publishers, personnel at welfare facilities, and librarians in Europe, the U.S.A., Asia, and other parts of the world.
    Shinano Kenshi is committed to contributing to the welfare and comfortable lifestyles of the physically challenged through the development of easy-to-use products.

    【Our Strength】

    • The "PLEXTALK®" digital talking book players assist the visually impaired.
    • Shinano Kenshi is a name widely recognized in the assistive product industry. We participated in the formulation of the worldwide DAISY world standards for digitally recorded publications that assist those suffering from visual and literacy impairments.
    • We boast one of the top market shares of the world (over 90% in Japan) for DAISY-compatible digital talking book players and recorders (as of August 2011).


    PLEXTALK® Pocket PTP1

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