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Employee Principles

  • Increasing trust through sincere conduct and fair judgment—What we have built up through our long history
  • Our customers’ happiness and your own happiness are one and the same. Take the initiative to think and act.
  • Sharpening our skills, growing on the world stage
  • Take prompt action in anticipation of change
  • Clinching victory with tenacity, while remembering to look at things from a company-wide perspective and promote teamwork at all times

(Revised in September 2010)

About the Employee Principles

We have established Employee Principles that set forth our approach to business and the daily conduct that we want all Shinano Kenshi employees to observe, for the purpose of ensuring that all employees pull together to reach the company’s Goals.

Going forward, if the company is to achieve further growth and development, each and every employee must sharpen his or her own abilities, demonstrate teamwork, and work at a faster pace or more efficiently. In addition, a company is an aggregate of its employees, and a company’s destiny lies in the hands of each and every employee. Also, each and every employee is the face of the company once they step outside to meet members of the public or customers. We want all employees to remain conscious of these matters at all times as they conduct their daily activities. Employees must naturally observe rules that have been set. However, in the process of continuing change and innovation, employees will encounter new situations that have not been envisaged by guidelines. In such situations, employees must make appropriate decisions using these Goals and Employee Principles as their decision-making criteria.

(From “Employees’ Handbook”)