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Basic Policies for Global Procurement

As a responsible member of the global community, the Shinano Kenshi Group is committed to promote procurement activities which contribute to a sustainable growth of the global community, in accordance with Shinano Kenshi's Goals and the Basic Policies for Global Procurement set forth below.

Shinano Kenshi's Goals

  • Shinano Kenshi aims to be an irreplaceable, highly attractive company in the eyes of its customers at all times.
  • Shinano Kenshi aims to increase the attractiveness of the company in the eyes of employees, based on the belief that people are its real asset.
  • Shinano Kenshi aims to be a company that shapes the future through its business activities while valuing interpersonal relationships.

Basic Policies for Global Procurement

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We conduct procurement activities by complying with the requirements of all laws, regulations, and social norms related to procurement.

2. Fair and Impartial Trade

We choose suppliers by offering equal opportunities to all interested parties and through a logical process based on the principle of fair competition.

3. Establishing Favorable Partnerships

We strive to establish and improve partnerships with suppliers by respecting mutual understanding and acting in ways that builds trust.

4. Environmental Considerations

We promote procurement practices that consider environmental friendliness and that have an awareness of social responsibility to preserve the global environment as a corporate citizen.