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Shinano Kenshi’s Goals

  • Shinano Kenshi aims to be an irreplaceable, highly attractive company in the eyes of its customers at all times.
  • Shinano Kenshi aims to increase the attractiveness of the company in the eyes of employees, based on the belief that people are its real asset.
  • Shinano Kenshi aims to be a company that shapes the future through its business activities while valuing interpersonal relationships.

(Revised in September 2010)

About Shinano Kenshi’s Goals

A company is the aggregate of a great many employees. If the company is to be operated efficiently and grow, all of its employees must share the same goals and pull together to achieve its goals. Because these goals are set individually by all companies, they shape the character of the company and its employees. Shinano Kenshi’s character has been a hallmark of the company and its customers for many generations. It then follows, that our character is reflected in the work we do for other companies – customers, clients, partners, society at large – and for each other.

Shinano Kenshi originally established its “Goals and Principles” in 1984. Thereafter, the company expanded its operations to more sites within Japan to keep up and stay ahead of its growth. Ever since establishing Shinano Kenshi Corporation (SKA) in the United States in 1982, we have been actively globalizing our operations. Today, we work not only with Japanese, but also with colleagues from many different countries. The profile of our business operations has also transformed. In this span of time, the roles expected of companies by society have changed drastically. Taking into consideration these factors, we have decided to prepare a new edition of “Shinano Kenshi’s Goals.”

The march of globalization is expected to continue at an increasingly rapid pace going forward. Because of differences in cultural backgrounds and the economic environment, it will certainly not be easy for colleagues around the world to work toward the same goals. Nonetheless, these goals were established in the hope that by overcoming any differences related to realizing the same goals, the company’s drive and growth will help employees achieve a greater happiness in their lives. We want employees to remain mindful of these goals at all times, while striving to share a common understanding of them at our various work sites.

(From “Employees’ Handbook”)