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Corporate Outline/Vision

Management Vision

As a reliable solution partner, Shinano Kenshi wishes to contribute to our customers in the world of motion control – an industrial field that demands a thorough pursuit of “Motion.”While always listening to the voices of our customers, we value an enthusiasm for taking on challenges to live up to our slogan: “New Ideas in Motion.”

Shinano Kenshi is committed to serving our customers as a highly innovative and reliable “motion control solution partner.” This is made possible by our technological wealth backed by our proprietary motor-actuator design technologies nurtured by our micro-motor and actuator division (Motor Solution Business Group) and high-precision-control technologies from our industrial system equipment division (Industrial System Equipment Business Unit). “New Ideas in Motion” is our new slogan that represents our determination and actions for providing our customers with optimum solutions in the field of “Motion Control.”

(Formulated in April 2008)



The above “Vision 100” describes our targeted image for Shinano Kenshi in 2018, when the company will celebrate its centennial. We at Shinano Kenshi are determined to meet the challenges of the “Vision 100,” using them as action guidelines toward a successful centennial.

( Formulated in October 2008 )