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Product manufacturing policy with lower environmental load

Our products will comply with the RoHS directive, WEEE directive and ELV directive. Additionally, we employ the use of chemical free products and substances in our design/manufacturing/purchasing allowing for greater recycling

Environment Friendly Design / Manufacturing

Compliance to Environmental law and EU directive (RoHS , WEEE, ELV)
All of Shinano Kenshi actively tackles development of hazardous free chemical substances. We are proceeding in this manner for motor/actuator fields prior to requests from our customers.
We plan to eliminate Lead from solder, Chromium Hexavalent and Cadmium from components completely by the end of August 2004. We have used Lead free flow solder tanks since 2003, and have expanded Lead free production lines.

We have equipped fluorescence X-ray analyzer, and can inspect parts/material on hazardous chemical substances.

Both Shinano Kenshi Japan and China are actively developing and preparing for RoHS compliance under common targeted control system

Design for Recycling

We stopped development for thermosetting mold motor for air-conditioner due to its low recycling ratio, and we replaced it 100% to steel sheet metal motor which has high recycling rate & low recycle cost. We gained higher productivity and higher energy efficiency because this change did not require ovens for mold but rather a forming process for sheet metal. We also design for easy disassembly by reducing screw and part quantity , considering life cycle of the product.

Manufacturing by minimum energy consumption

We are proceeding with an energy saving manufacturing facility that uses an air-conditioning system with an inverter system that minimizes the use of oven and air-blowers. These energy saving reduce the cost of our products as well.