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You can now capture the moment that was formerly invisible. You can no capture the phenomenon that was formerly invisible.


A high-speed camera, a data logger and a monitor are all in one!
A thermographic camera and a data logger are also all in one!

Needs for composite analysis are mounting at the R&D and manufacturing forefronts today. In response to such needs, Shinano Kenshi offers PLEXLOGGER™, which is capable of visual qualitative analysis as well as quantitative analysis based on data waveforms ? the first and only product of this type in the industry.
This product is compact and lightweight and excels in portability. Furthermore, its 8-inch monitor enables on-scene analysis, making it extremely useful for various tasks.
As such, this product is specifically designed to further increase efficiency and promote enhanced motion visualization. Customers at the forefronts of R&D, production, and equipment maintenance tasked with promoting motion control efficiency are sure to find this product an ideal solution.