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Supporting a more comfortable lifestyle.

About Our “PLEXTALK®”

Assistive technology products are indispensable to people suffering from visual, literacy, or hearing impairments as they pursue active roles in society and leading a self-reliant life.
Shinano Kenshi has engaged in the development, manufacture, and sales of assistive technology products since it participated in the formulation of the worldwide DAISY(*1) standards for digitally recorded publications.
Our PLEXTALK® brand products are used widely by physically challenged people, librarians, transliteration volunteers, book writers, and personnel at welfare facilities around the world.

*1 About DAISY

DAISY is the abbreviation for the worldwide Digital Accessible Information System standards for digitally recorded publications that assist people suffering from visual or literacy impairments. The primary feature of DAISY-compatible recorded publications is the ability to easily search by chapter, section, item, or by page. Thanks to the use of voice compression technology it is also possible to record voice messages up to 90 hours on a single CD.

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